Sunday, August 12, 2018

A New Link and Name to our Blog

We leave soon to start our 500 mile walk on the Camino de Compostela Santiago in northern Spain.  Since we are not carrying computers or tablets, I created a new blog site where we can easily upload a daily photo or two, along with some commentary from my fat thumbs.

We also changed the name.  "Mid-Life Adventures" just seems a little too optimistic at our age.  So our new blog is now called "Ron & Kathy's Retirement Adventures."

I won't be sending notifications for any post along the way, so you'll need to periodically go to:

to see what's new.  If you are already a Tumblr member (sign up is free), you can elect to get notified every time I post something new.

To view any of the past 114 blogs since 2014 (with over 60,000 views), you can still use, which is the address for the site you are on now.

Our route, starting in St. Jean, France.

Having fun training in scenery and cool weather on the Oregon
Coast that won't resemble the Camino at all.

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