Monday, December 4, 2017

Kathy’s Back is (Almost) Back!

Our seasonal doorman
We received back-to-back (pardon the pun) good news about Kathy’s back.   Last week, the surgeon talked us out of surgery in favor of steroid injections into her herniated disc.  Today, the pain doctor ruled out that procedure because she has made significant progress in mobility and decreasing pain.  From barely able to stand during our November 2 retirement party, she can now comfortably walk two miles.

While she isn’t healed enough to travel to Nicaragua, Columbia, and Panama as we had planned for November 7-December 18, things are looking possible for us to go to Tanzania in February if there is still room for us in the group.

Meanwhile, retirement has been going just fine, thank you.  We still can’t believe it is real after all the years.  It’s been a fun adjustment, and Kathy says it feels a lot like when we were newlyweds as we invent our new life together.  It’s been nice to spend more time together. The days and weeks fly by quickly, but they don’t seem rushed.  We’re both cooking and reading books more.  And sleeping in most mornings is an addicting luxury.
November 16 view from our deck
Kathy is making good progress on organizing and digitizing family photos and researching her family’s ancestry.  She’s spending more time at the Assistance League and with her 92-year old mom.   But much of her time has been focused upon healing.

I finished my thank you notes and private work memoirs.  I liberated our den from mountains of work-related files, publications, and books.  (Now I really feel retired!)  I’m spending more time practicing the drums and working out, logging over 65 bicycle miles since I retired. Got the snow tires on, and I'm looking forward to snowboarding if we every get some snow.

A spontaneous trip to a winery with
Kathy's CA Assistance League friends. 
The November 16 view on Nov 24, at night

At first, we were bummed out about cancelling our Central America trip and having to spend the dreary late autumn here.  But we’re getting into the beauty of the season, going to holiday concerts, dining with friends, and watching the river level rise.  Who knows, is binge-watching next?  We’ll no doubt get involved in more volunteer and community service opportunities.  But for now, we are just saying “no” until we get our retirement bearings.

While things aren't going well elsewhere in this country and the world, they are for us, and we're so thankful for it.  As we said in our November 7 post, we’re humbled and grateful for everything and everybody that got us to this point.  We wish you and your loved ones a happy and gratitude-filled holiday season.  
Thanksgiving fun (What Do Your Meme?)
with our nieces and nephews