Sunday, April 6, 2014

So Much for the Dragon--My Right Hand Feels Better and Does Things Better

Things are looking up!. I got my big clunky cast removed on Friday and I now have a flexible elbow band and a custom-designed wrist guard. Unfortunately the wrist guard is not all that comfortable and it restricts my thumb and finger movements more than previously. I need to drive to Eugene on Monday to get a new fitting.  

But it will be nice to shower and use my right hand more than was previously possible. I even got to drive the car today to an appointment!  
Displaying 20140404_083708.jpg
It looks worse than it feels.

Displaying 20140404_103930.jpg
It's so nice to bend my elbow and use my fingers!

I'll be in this  get-up for another month before the start of physical therapy and more active exercise beyond walking recumbent bicycling. That seems like an eternity away.  Meanwhile, I got very exhausted just walking the four-mile round-trip to the Saturday market, so maybe I should just ease back into things.  But nagging in the back of my mind is what I so well remember from college physics and every break in physical training over the years--it's so much harder to get back into shape than it is to simply stay in shape.  

And my Dragon?  She's fine on my tablet, as long as it doesn't involve formatting, web links, etc. It simply is not feasible at work.   It seems like I spend far more time correcting and editing than I do to just type it out in the first place.  

And speaking of editing, I got bad news-good news the same day of getting my cast off.  The Wall Street Journal was going to run a feature on my book, The Confident Retirement Journey. Well, that got bumped at the last minute, but the editor of the Encore supplement (which deals with retirement) assured me it would be in the May or June issue.