Sunday, June 26, 2016

Tanglewood, Here We Come!

After 39 years plus one day of marriage, we're finally embarking on a cross-country road trip on Sunday.  The Airstream is loaded, and newly outfitted so that we can each work remotely every few days.

Our first stop today is an easy trip to Hermistan, where we'll spend the evening with friends.  Our ultimate destination is Stockbridge, in the Berkshire hills of western MA and the home the Tanglewood festival.
The ultimate tail gate party, but without pick up trucks,
 generators,  & barbecue grills
The Boston Symphony, the Boston Pops, and various guests artists perform there all summer long.  We spent a long weekend there last summer and absolutely loved it. Skyler's boyfriend, Spencer, sings in the chorus so we get lots of free tickets.  This time we'll spend a whole week.  Shanti and her boyfriend, Alan, are flying in from London to join Skyler, Spencer and us.

Getting there will be something else.  It's 3,025 each way. We did the math and realized it was 10 days of straight driving if we drove 300 miles/6 hours per day.  That's when we decided to make it a five-six week trip so that we can stop along the way.  High on our list is visiting Hyde Park on the Hudson, and cycling parts of the Erie Canal, the Hudson River Valley, and the George Mickelson Trail in South Dakota.
Crazy Horse monument from George Mikelson Rail to Trail

Portion of the Erie Canal in Ohio

We'll post a few updates along the way.  Best wishes for a great summer!