Tuesday, May 1, 2018

To the Land of the Rising Sun

We’d travel even lighter if we didn’t have extra thick socks,
Hiking boots, poles, and rain parkas and rain pants
We're off again to a new adventure, our fourth country in the last nine months.  This time it's to Japan, for 3.5 weeks, and a just little too soon after our March trip to Nicaragua.  We had to use up airline and trip credits from our aborted Sierra Club bicycling trip from November of 2016. (See Not All Adventures are Fun and two more after it).
The first part will be independent travel on our own, starting in Osaka.  We base camp in Kyoto for a few days, with side trips to Nara and Himeji.  Then to Kurashiki, Onomichi,  Miyajima, and finally to the start of the Sierra Club hiking trip in Fukuoka on the largest southern island of Kyushu.  Kathy has done a phenomenal job of putting it all together, finding quaint places to stay and even figuring out the train schedules.

Unfortunately, we haven't had much time to get in some training hikes or learn some basic Japanese.

While we're gone, Nati Zavala and Jasmine Williams--the Peace Corps Volunteers we visited in Nicaragua--will be housesitting.
Nati and Jasmine binge watching and trying to keep warm

They, their fellow volunteers, and non essential US embassy staff were evacuated from Nicaragua a few days ago due to riots and civil unrest. Over 40 people have died so far.  They hope things calm down so that they can return their posts and finish their tour of duty which ends in November.  Meanwhile, we've thoroughly enjoyed their company the past 48 hours.

Nati and Kathy skunked Jasmine and me at pinochle 

Mark your calendar!  Before we sign off, one more piece of BIG news!  Our daughter Skyler, who lives in Boston, will be competing on Jeopardy!   The show airs Thursday, May 31 on ABC.

Trying to get in shape at Silver Falls State Park

It's been a beautiful spring!

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm
Riverfront Park, Salem

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