Thursday, February 1, 2018

Off to Tanzania!

All under 30 lbs per person,
only one checked bag
We don't always agree on our individual travel bucket lists.  But if one of us is really passionate about a destination, the other accommodates and was glad we did it.  This time it's Africa--Tanzania in particular--something on my list for over 47 years. 

Africa is HUGE. It is bigger than the United States, China, India, Japan, and much of Europe combined!  Tanzania alone is twice the size of California.

Lots of big countries could fit into Africa

We're going to Tanzania as part of a Willamette University trip for the Red Sweater Project for a five-day service project at its Mungere school  in the heart of some Maasai villages near Arusha.  We're not exactly sure what we'll be doing, but we have our work gloves and school supplies packed.

Afterwards, our group of 11 will go on a seven-day photo safari to the Serengeti and the Onondagan Crater, teeming with wildlife.

The high school in Mungere
Tanzania and our two areas of exploration
When that tour ends, Kathy and I board a bush plane and head to south-central Tanzania for a five-day walking safari in the Ruaha National Park, staying in two tent camps.  (Hopefully, we can walk faster than the lions!).

Our B&B over New Years in Bend

At the Salem TEDx Conference
It's been a beautiful snowless winter in the Willamette Valley, filled with many meals with friends, symphony and choral concerts, walks, a snowboarding trip on New Years Day, and a pre-Christmas trip to the coast.  We're looking forward to getting into some tropical heat and humidity, even if it involves taking malaria pills, and missing out on some fun things going on in Salem during February.  We don't know when we'll have wifi or how good it will be, but if we have the time and a good signal, we'll send an update with much more interesting photos.
Sign at the Women's March

One of many amazing pieces at the Wyeth exhibit
at the Portland Art Museum

Portland from the Eastbank Esplanade

A foggy January morning view from our deck


  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful, Ron! I am SO looking forward to your reports about the service project, safaris, and everything else. I hope you and Kathy have a good flight and Happy Trails!
    (And thanks for the geography lesson. I didn't realize Africa was THAT big)

  2. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures before I travel there in July!